Will you invite all GH moderators to be moderators here?


because that would make sense to me, and also make me happy

PS: I’m telling this as a GH plebeian


And that would make me VERY unhappy.


From what I understand, there is a form to apply for being a moderator that will be going live in the next couple of days.


Why so?


i really dont get reply chains on discourse, but i also want to know why you say this Vinny, all the current mods at GH are stand up dudes/dudettes


I would think that they wouldn’t invite mods from there to mod here. If they applied, I would think they would be considered, but GH is still a very large community and with luck, will be for a long time.

So the mods be split between two forums (I know right now that isn’t an issue, but it could be in the future) possibly taking away from their duties on GH to mod here and vice-versa.

Also, I think the feeling for this site should be to be different from GH, not necessarily a replacement. For the forseeable future, GH will continue to run as is and there won’t necessarily be a mass migration from there to here because it’s business as usual. (See the “exodus” from reddit to voat when bannings happened) So it shouldn’t be done in a toxic manner, but in a way that it is partly similar to GH and redundant in some ways, but as a chance to improve upon and differ from GH.

I think that should be the focus to ensure that it doesn’t go the way of voat and just end up a toxic, we hate MD and by proxy GH cesspool.

If mods from there want to mod here, that’s fine, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to specifically invite them just because they’re mods over there.


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The other thing you can do it highlight any amount of text and a ‘quote’ tooltip will appear, gives you a more GH approach (as the person you’re quoting also gets notified).


stevesie summed up my opinion quite well, I don’t think we should be seen as trying to take away anything from GH but add to the community.




I prefer not to disclosure my opinions, all based on previous experience. It wouldn’t be constructive.


I promise to not apply.


IMO being a mod at GH shouldn’t just give them an automatic pass to be a mod here. Not only would that be counterproductive for them to have a new forum to manage, I don’t think that the “environment” of GH is the same as what is currently happening here, so I don’t think that someone used to working in that “environment” would necessarily be an automatic fit for what we’re looking for here. I think that they should still go through the form process to find those that they think will best serve this forum for what it is and what it’s trying to be.