Wireless, low profile with a knob

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile: long time lurker. I am new into mechanical keyboards and I am planning to switch from mx keys. I was hoping to find low profile wireless keyboard and as extra I always wanted to have a knob.

Unfortunately it seems that neither wireless nor low profile are that much popular and if I throw in a knob I am completely out luck.

I was hoping that maybe there is a way to update existing keyboard or some DYI kit (hopefully something without soldiering).

I really like nuphy 75 air or keychron k3 pro neither of them have a knob. I like GMMK pro but it’s wired and not low profile.

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I wouldn’t be able to offer much in terms of the custom scene, but the Logitech G915 and its cheaper competitor the Redragon K619 exist. Smaller layouts are also available.

I can’t speak to their quality as I don’t own either board though.

Yeah forgot to mention G915 is in right direction, but it’s more gaming with more like scroll than a knob I really look something more in line of GMMK pro (just wireless and low profile)

I’m struggling to find anything that has a rotary encoder and low-profile switches and is wireless and doesn’t require soldering. That’s a tall order. :slight_smile:

There are some staggered ortholinear split keyboards that match the encoder/low-profile/wireless requirements but they appear to be fairly advanced DIY projects. I’d actually wager that 100% of these keyboards only exist because there wasn’t anything like it on the market.

Edit: you could definitely find something with low profile hotswappable switches and a rotary encoder that doesn’t require soldering, but you’d have to lose the wireless requirement.

Just to understand the problem. I though that in theory I coul take any wireless keyboard, stick low profile switches to it (if its hot swapable) a knob if pcb supports this an then its about fin the case which fits knob and low profile switches. Lets take a random example which I googled DUKHARO 66 65. it is wireless and has knob, whats prevents me to add low profile switches?

I don’t think there are any hotswap sockets that work for both MX and low-profile switches. The footprint of choc and MX are very slightly different sizes and I don’t think the pins align.

Kailh choc hotswap:


Kailh MX hotswap:


– source

Ou got it, so if I take low wireless pcb it won’t have low profile hotswap sockets and if it will , it will probably won’t have wireless connection :confused:

Would t it be easier to take something like Nuphy Air and MacGyver a rotary encoder onto it? (I don’t really know what I’m taking about, just tossing around ideas… :wink:)

Also, if it’s impossible, you could try some really low profile caps like the XVX Skyline low profile? On a not-low-profile keyboard with normal switches I mean…it might make it low enough?

Low profile and knobs

https://worklouder.cc/ :ok_hand::sunglasses::+1:

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I believe there were also some GTMX mid profile switches produced which were shorter on switch top side but had a normal MX switch bottom. These would be lower profile and should be hot swap compatible. I have never used any though so don’t know if they are any good.

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