Wireless Mechanical Keyboards?


I’m pretty sure it’s barrel distortion because the plate looks curved on the bottom slightly too. I won’t know for sure until it comes in though. But for $45, I won’t complain too much, especially if I put it in a handmade case.


The case came and it is not curved. it’s actually straight. the plate is a little bendy, but it’s ALU, so it can be bent back easily enough/will conform when screwed into the case.


The mitosis split keyboard :heart:


Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 and varmilo vb87m are the best I’ve used. Some other wireless keyboards have severe lag or chattering problems.


CA66 is supposed to have a BT option for the R2 groupbuy which is slated to start around 15 August if I recall correctly.



You recall correctly. I’m going in for one when it opens!


Very interesting! That is a handsome keyboard to be sure. I especially like the brass accents and the pen lip. I don’t normally go for non-ergo keyboards, but depending on price I may give this one a go.


I think in the near future I’ll either get the BT Filco Majestouch TKL, or use the Hexgears X-1. I figured getting a nice BT/wireless keyboard would be a good idea for streaming.

A future goal would be to get a detachable desk tray that I could use for a keyboard + trackball so I have more deskspace to work with when streaming :smiley:


I think they’re aiming for around $275 but I’m sure we’ll find out once it launches into gb.


Do you know if that includes Bluetooth functionality? No worries if you don’t but I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just know they were aiming to try and stick close to the first round group buy which was $275 so I wouldn’t expect it to be too far off. You would need to supply your own battery (they specify the requirements on the interest check page) due to shipping complications due to the nature of battery chemicals etc.