Wireless Mechanical Keyboards?


Hi KT -

I have two questions for you:

  1. What are some of the best wireless mechanical keyboards?

  2. Why do there seem to be so few off-the-shelf wireless options on the market for mechanical keyboards?

Thanks in advance. I hope you are having a rocking day.



  1. The best one you can probably get pre-built is, IMHO, the Anne Pro. 60%, works over Bluetooth or wired USB, standard keycap sizes, decent starter switch choices.
  2. Bluetooth chipsets are more of a pain in the ass to work with, plus there are extra hoops to jump through if you want to get a device to be Bluetooth-certified. Since a LOT of the mechanical keyboards on the market are made by hobbyists and/or companies without huge licensing/validation budgets, Bluetooth is challenging.

  1. HHKB Pro 2 bluetooth.
  2. Mainstream companies, not “enthusiast grade” are interested in two markets:
  • Gaming peripheral companies (which are interested in making keyboards with lots of RGBs).
  • Budget keyboards (Magicforce, Drevo…)

Adding bluetooth connectivity to off-the-shelf keyboards adds costs and reduces their market, so it’s not worth it for them. And in the case of gaming companies, they are building this boards for desktop PCs, so most people don’t care about having a wire.

So, why is there an Anne Pro then? Because they made it into the budget range by making many compromises. I’ve typed on an Anne Pro and it’s construction is pretty bad.


Huh! I didn’t realize PFU released a standard model with official Bluetooth (I thought you needed hasu’s converter + some other BT module). Neat!


Main complaint people have about it is the butt. Not many like the battery implementation, but :man_shrugging:

Depending on use, I’m interested in seeing how the X-1 will turn out. It’s Kailh Choc (Low profile short travel) switches though which might be a real hit or miss for people.


I was worried you would say that. In my head, it makes so much sense to have a small wireless board for travel (I’m thinking something like a Preonic or smaller, maybe even a Vortex Core or the new Kumo 40%), though.

I guess I will just have to live with the extra cable, then, since I am not willing to pay out of pocket for a custom board with bluetooth, nor do I have the know-how to do it myself. The wireless HHKB sounds like an OK option, but it looks like it runs at least $300. Ouch.


Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that board. It looks … interesting. I am not sure if I’ll like they keys / keystroke, however. The keys remind me of chicklet keyboards, and I switched to a mechanical keyboard to get away from those.



  • HHKB Pro 2 w/ Hasu BT controller & battery
  • HHKB Pro JP w/ Hasu BT Controller & Battery
  • Anne Pro
  • Filco Minila Air
  • I think there are some Plum topre clones with BT options as well.


I don’t have any experience with this but it seems interesting https://kbdfans.cn/products/yd60ble-v1-60-bluetooth-customized-mechanical-keyboard-pcb?variant=3760732536845

I wanted BT but after serious consideration, I realized it would be just another wireless device that was not charged when I needed it or would suddenly fail to reconnect.

So instead, I put some 1/4" tall feet on the edges of my case and bridge over the laptop kb (would be even easier with a 65%) and use a short 90 degree cable. This lets me use the touchpad as well. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk22M8RhQWE/


I just bought a YMDK 71, a bluetooth RGB TKL from YMDK (Aliexpress keyboard store). Waiting for it to come in, hopefully soonish, to assemble it and see what it’s like. It’s fairly inexpensive because they only have one color scheme in stock, but I bet that it can be put into most TKL cases.

I think the one I’ve heard of the most is the anne pro, but this will be my first foray into BT mechanical keyboards, so I can’t say much about that.


There’s also the Filco Majestouch Convertible 2. I’ve got both the TKL and full sized variants with Cherry Browns and they are built solidly and have Bluetooth. I have contemplated doing a switch swap on them for some Zealios or maybe Box Royals but I’m not super motivated to desolder 100 switches…

  • DDmicro 50% BT


Just so you know, that keyboard isn’t a regular TKL since it doesn’t have the F-row. It’d probably be harder to find a case than you’d think


Oh! I didn’t realize that. Thanks for letting me know! I will probably keep it with its case anyway, or if I go for another case, I’ll make my own as it’s going to be a media center keyboard and I might make a little wooden table out of it that can hold a mouse also and be put over you on the couch.

I’ll make sure to mention that to anyone I suggest it to from now on.


Hard to say if it’s good yet but the next round for the CA66 is getting Bluetooth.

There’s also a Bluetooth Iris in the works.


Bluetooth Iris?! Sign me up, cuz that sounds awesome!


Check out the Atom66. I hate the way a spacebar presses on my thumb, and beyond getting a split spacebar, of which BT versions are hard to find, this is the next best thing. Plus it comes pre-silenced and is light on the fingers, at 35g. It is expensive though…


I wonder if the planck rev6 will be moddable with relative ease to receive bluetooth support.
The video by @jackhumbert looked fantastic, but I wonder if something with a smaller battery would be possible.
I have a mitosis board and it uses that tiny little CR 2032 battery on each half, and can run for a month, so I guess a planck without lights would be able to pull off roughly the same numbers?
I really feel like I will never get anything better than a planck board, so I want to squeeze out the most of it :smiley:




Is there barrel distortion or the white case is already bent in the photo? :thinking: