WK870 from KeebMonkey: A lot of keyboard for the price | Review and sound test of the white and black variants


FYI: I tried running WK870.exe on my Windows 10 computer and AVG reported that it’s infected with FileRepMalware [MISC] malware then deleted the file.

I don’t know if AVG is misidentified or not but, if true, this may explain the low price tag and why they opted to not use QMK.

It must be a false positive. I ran it through both ClamAV and Microsoft Defender on Windows 11. No extra passengers on the executable. I’ve purchased KBM white labelled keyboards for two years now, I’ve yet to find any malware on drivers used.

Now Irok on the other hand:

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Thanks for that extra info. While somewhat assured, my current plan is to see if Bastion TKL PCB will work with WK870.

Bastion uses 4 pin Pico-EZmate but WK870 appears to use a connector with 5 pin. Going to have to figure out whether simple rewiring will work or not. If not, I’ll have to replace daughter board as well. I don’t think CannonKeys’ Unified C4 will fit and, although Unified S1 daughter board should fit, location of the USB-C socket is off-center on it.

I did find GEONxWolf daughter board which should work although I’ll have to either drill new holes or use a glue gun to attach.

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Nice. Would love to see how it turns out, good luck!

So, I got one of the original Purple WK870 and I noticed a few things that shouldn’t really stop people form buying it, but it’s really noteworthy. The First and most important is that I’m not sure that the item on bottom is a weight. I think that it’s an electroplated plastic, not unlike the plate on the clear Redragon Elf Pro keyboard. Also it looks like it is glued on and not screwed on, which it has holes for inside the case. The knob, for me at least, came apart in to it’s metal outside and plastic inside and now it just slips apart willy-nilly. Not big things, but there’s a few more Quality items that I’ve run into that escape me now. I think that at the end of the day, I would suggest paying a hair more and getting the HI75 which I think is a better board for around the same price.

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Many people did not like the knob on the Hi75, and though there are replacement knobs, the are still non-standard, at least this one can be replaced with standard D-knobs. I’ve yet to open it but to me the weight does not feel substantial, but I don’t believe it to be electroplated plastic, but won’t know for sure until I open it up and get in there.

It’s by no means perfect, but for $59, I thought it’s well worth the price.


The replacement knobs for the HI75 are so cheap on AliExpress now that it should be mostly a non-starter, but it is not standard. The HI75 has a hidden screw case design, a bouncy feel, and a better implementation of the PET film mod. I think for the 70 dollars that it’s a more solid board.

I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy my WK870, but when i am looking at the two to use, I almost always go for the HI75 instead for the sound, feel and look.

It all comes down to preference, but I think that the HI75 is the better (best) keyboard in the sub-100 keyboard arena. I mean, the M1 is also in this category and I would probably recommend the HI75 over the M1 for a beginner keyboard enthusiast.

When you get the case open on the WK870 you will maybe be scratching your head at several points.