WoB & BoW Keycap Set Availability

Is it just me, or should be WoB & BoW (insert your favirot profie) keycap sets be available year around?

I kind of want to try Cherry profile keycaps, but I’m not feeling the color options that are currently available and you can’t go wrong with WoB & BoW, especially if you can by the modifiers and alpha’s separately.

isn’t GMK WoB available from MassDrop all the time, or did they recently run out of stock?

edit: yes, they did run out of stock, but it’s previously been ready-to-ship, so i think they’ll be readily available soon

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Ooh, Count me in if they restock it!

Cubic BoW is a steal.

I thought about the cubic set, buy WoB is more my jam.

No i personally do not think so.
I’m more for reruns ala 9009 every two years.
Because those reruns can have iterations like a R5 bottom row kit
or icon mods which you can just order along.
Instead of having to buy from drop and then having extra group buys for each addon kit.

During those group buys venders can then pick up some extras and keep them in stock
but that should be up to them and will certainly increase the price compared to a gb