Wobbly Realforce R2 TKL

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I finally received my first Realforce keyboard couple of days ago, the R2 TKL (PFU Limited Edition), but unfortunately I used it for maybe one day in total before noticing a serious problem with it, as you can see in the video below (edit: seems I can’t include links here), the keyboard wobbles, a lot! Needless to say I expected for much better QC for a $350 keyboard… Has anyone here encountered or heard about this issue before? I’m wondering if I should spend all that time and money on shipping it back for repair/replacement or just find a temporary solution and wait for Norbaforce mark II and replace the housing by myself, would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

Had a similar issue with a low-noise fc660c I received last week. Possibly caused by the plastic case warping slightly. My workaround is to attach a bumpon near the rubber feet that is not sitting on the table.

Try and bend it back into shape. Sometimes happens with plastic boards.

I tried, but unfortunately didn’t work for me :confused:

I mean yeah that is a quick & easy fix for that problem, but for the prices of Realforce R2s & FC660Cs I’d be sending it right back to wherever I bought it from if it had a warped case TBH.