Wonderland / Lubrigante Typing Test with Holy Lavender switches

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Keyboard: Lubrigante with Wonderland PCB
Switches: Lavender housings with lubed springs and lubed Halo stems
Stabilizers: Gateron Ink v2 stabs
Keycaps: OG Cherry doubleshot ABS

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Please do not try making this Frankenswitch. A lot of the keys have started chattering.
I can say that Lavender housings are NOT compatible with Halo stems.
I will need to desolder and rebuild this keyboard.

Additionally, Lavender housings are also not compatible with TX switch films. I used them, but the switches were VERY hard to close, and some popped back open while removing keycaps.

So yeah, this whole batch of switches needs to be redone with different (probably linear) stems and no films.