Work & Keebs

Hello all, I am fairly new to keebtalk and would like to say that I kind of dig it so far. Really like the aesthetic and community.

I just wanted to know/talk about various work stories regarding keyboards and having them in an office environment.

I’ll start:
Currently I just started at a company and have been notified that my Planck may pose a “security threat” so I cannot use it anymore.
Sad as though I may be it kinda spurred me to write this topic as I’ve never had this issue before and would like to know if anyone else has had this issue.


I was worried my keyboard would be a security threat due to QMK, but luckily when I brought it up to the equipment issuance team, I don’t think they grasped that a keyboard could contain software, and once I had the go ahead, I didn’t want to press my luck explaining it to them.

Yea apparently they didn’t know what parts were installed and they didn’t want to test said parts since that would take too much work so they just gave a flat no.

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I work for a large financial institution and have no issues using my keyboard in the office

I work somewhere where there is an extremely strict no tolerance policy regarding outside hardware. It sucks.

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I feel ya man, having to transition from using ortho with Tealios and using membrane staggered is making me die inside.

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Funny. I’ve been using my own keyboards at work, without issue, for a long as I can remember. Last week one of the sysadmins told me my keyboard is a security risk and I “shouldn’t” have it.

I figured it was just the standard paranoia/power trip and rolled my eyes at him. I’m not giving it up without a fight.

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in my company, there are others who use mechanical keyboards too, the OEM ones.
so when I brought my keeb in, I’m kinda… blend in.

do they explain “how” and what kind of threat that is?
your Planck don’t have wifi connector, able to process network information,… blah… blah… right?

right call,
I don’t think we should spread unnescessary anxiety


Jeez Louise! I don’t think I could work in a place that didn’t give me the freedom to use my own hardware. I understand places with critical or sensitive information but if it was some dumb policy I’d fight that to the ends of the earth.

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man, that sucks! Though, personally, anything programmable is “hackable”, thus may present a threat to the company - I could be wrong in so many levels but yeah.

What I don’t like in your situation is that they didn’t even bother to explain and conduct test if it’s really a threat and what could be done to mitigate it.

They stated that since it’s custom hardware and custom software they cannot validate what could/would happen and would prefer me not to use it.

Being that I just started here I don’t really feel like fighting it would be the best way for me to secure my position here during my probationary period. That being said, I do want to fight it. I’ve gotten so used to using my keyboard that I have become rather slow at typing on staggered.

hmm… yea… that’s pretty legit reason they got there.

well… you should put up with the “normal” keyboard for a while, after you have secured your position (at least out of the probationary period) and gained more trusts, you can request them to review your need of custom hardware/software.


  • health problems:
    membrane keyboards makes your fingers hurt
    normal keyboard layout makes your hand moves around too much, causing problems for your shoulders
  • productivity:
    this custom keyboard is smaller, less “useless” hand movements
    also you’re more used to this custom keyboard, using the normal keyboards slows down your typing, thus reducing your productivity

pretty legit, right? :laughing:


Also, technically you could store privileged company information in the keyboard’s memory and steal it. I highly doubt anyone’s using this method for effectively committing corporate espionage, though.

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I’ve never had an issue at any of the software companies I’ve worked for; however, my own keyboards are all ergonomic and that was the primary reason I gave if I was asked.

I’ve used ergonomic layouts for several years now to mitigate legitimate hand pain and I’m pretty sure I would leave any company if they forced me to use a standard row staggered keyboard.

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Do you live in the 1980’s Soviet Union?

So currently I’ve been working without my Planck for about a week now and my wrists and fingers have started to hurt now. They’re going to get me an ergonomic keyboard but not my Planck.
So I’m a bit annoyed but I don’t know what to do now.

In Soviet Russia, Planck types YOU!