Working on a storage project

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of before photos. I do have one that shows the general disarray my overflow keyboard storage closet was in:

So, I spent 3 days working and this is my progress. Still have a bit of work to do (adding another shelf and moving some empty boxes to the attic).

I’m proud of my work and I wanted to show it off. Organizing has really empowered me. Knowing where things go gives me a feeling of relief when I step in there. Honestly, I couldn’t even step in there before. Huge improvement. And, as a nice bonus, I freed up a lot of room in my office for additional boards.

Have to keep one closet rod accessible since my office doubles as a guest room when family visits. But I like the space it creates for extra light.


Also, did some rough maths… so that’s what $10,000 worth of keycaps looks like. In case you wondered. Oof



By the way, I had a cool idea for keycap storage that might interest some.

I bought bags and adhesive hang tags on amazon and put them up on a peg board like this

(This was on my garage work bench for a test)

It works brilliantly. You can fit 3 sets per peg on 6 inch pegs and 4 sets on 10 inch pegs. This eliminates having to ever dig through buckets to find the set you’re looking for, and keeps them on display.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough room to build this out for my collection. Perhaps one day.

I did end up using the bags I purchased in my current solution. Can fit a lot of keycaps this way.

A bit more hassle, but maybe some day I can build my wall of keycaps.

Nice, although I like to have all the keebs I have within sight 'cause they help me suppress my desire to get more. :-/

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Oh I hear ya. This is mostly my larger vintage boards and unused parts though. I have a few display cases in my office with boards in them. I wish I could have it all in one place. NEED BIGGER ROOM

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I’m organizationally aroused right now. I purchased a couple of IDÅSEN cabinets from IKEA (pictured) to go with a large metal office bookcase/shelf to store my growing collection in. I used various sizes plastic storage bins like you did to organize everything further. It’s so nice to reach for something when you know exactly where it is. Such a timesaver when I want to lube some switches for an hour (or something equivalent), can grab what I need quickly, put it away just as quickly when I’m done, and not have parts of various projects strewn about my desk. In short, great job!

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I love that cabinet! I bought one yesterday for my office!

Hell yeah. I started off with one and was basically compelled to by another one 6 months later, lol. I also picked up a metal/glass display cabinet for boards/headphones/whatever I want to keep in view, at hand, and dust free.

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