Would it be possible to DIY build an aluminum keyboard case?

I found a 5 axis cnc machine. I was wondering how realistic it is for me to study/utilize this for a custom keeb case with these specs?

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Is this this one ?

Don’t see the price but smaller models look to be at around 3000€, already pretty expensive.

Here is a Youtube video showing the machine in action:

Machinining marks are very visible, the machine is not rigid enough to give something satisfactory.
I’m confident that some CNC routers can do better with less money, but those are 3 axis only.
Either way you don’t really need 5 axis to make a keyboard case, most of the case 3 axis is enough.

Take my words with a grain of salt as I’m not a machinist :wink:


at the prices of the units you’d be looking at to make that, you’d be better off paying an experienced machinist to Mill you a one off if thats all your looking for. would cost you around a third of what Rico quoted that machine at.

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Actually you can get on alibaba website to find some cnc vendors to get some quotes…they are pretty fast once you have your drawings ready.


^ this. @illimay please reach out if you decide to go with an alibaba vendor, I can give you the page for the factory I use to machine my designs, otherwise its kind of a crapshoot to find a vendor that will machine something of quality and wont run away with your money.


Wow… much appreciated! You’re a real one.

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