Would you like to help me find a perfect keeb? :)

Hi there!

I am on a hunt for a perfect keyboard, may I use the wisdom of the crowd here and ask for a help?

I am looking for a fully split layout. I touch type pretty quickly and I am using vim editor and try to limit use of a mouse (Linux, tilling window manager, CLI).

Here are my requirements:

  • travel size and reasonable robustness
  • reasonable price (Ergodox EZ is expensive)
  • switches: whatever, quiet
  • keycaps: simple, no need for labels
  • I am willing to learn orthogonal
  • dont need an encoder
  • would appreciate a case
  • need numeric row as in my language this row is for diacritics

I dont want to build it on my own so I will try to find an online shop where I can buy it.

From my research, Lily58 seems like a match, but I believe there are others to consider.

Thanks a lot for your inputs!


Hello and welcome! I’m not a split user myself so I can’t help there, but we’ve got a handful here including at least one that designs his own.

A short list of quiet switches I’d recommend considering:

  • Linear: TTC Silent Red V3, Kailh Deep Sea, Outemu Silent Peach
  • Light tactile: Outemu Silent Lemon
  • Stronger / bigger tactile: TTC Silent Bluish White or Boba U4

The TTCs are a little more loud but have also have a more crisp feeling. Same goes for the Deep Seas. Outemus (including the Boba) are more quiet and have a softer feel. Any of these will be reasonably quiet.


Based on your requirements I do think the Lily58 Pro would be the best bet for you. You could also try a dactyl manuform if you want to try curved layouts.
Unfortunately, you most likely will not find a pre build of either of those keyboards under $200 USD new. Etsy shows them for around 200-300 prebuilt (lily, dactyl) You may be able to find those on Reddit under page r/mechmarket for cheaper as well. I would also recommend checking out r/ergomechkeyboards as they are dedicated to ergonomic boards.

Hope you find the perfect board!


Keeb.io also offers a few keyboards that are split (both ortho and staggered). These are usually sold as kits but they do offer an option to buy them as a pre-built keyboard.


Ye, keeb.io is a good place to find splits, splitkb.com in EU is a solid vendor to.

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According to the Discord, splitkb.com is going to be making the Elora soon, which is similar to the Kyria but adds the number row (62 keys). There will be a prebuilt option and a group buy soon, possibly later this month. I assume pricing will be similar to that estimated above for a prebuilt Lily (which also seems like a great option), and I don’t know if cases will be available yet, but this is worth a look IMO if you can wait. Kyria is really cool. I don’t see anything on the site about it so probably go there to join the Discord; there’s a channel for the Elora.