Wrapping fr4 in vinyl

Is it possible to wrap a FR4 plate in vinyl because I was thinking of wrapping the backplate of my keyboard with this:Large Sticker Bomb - Metro Wrap | Metro Restyling


Yeah it should be fine, although you may need to trim a bit of vinyl at the edges of the switch plate to make sure the switches have enough tolerance to clip in properly

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i was talking about the barleycorn backplate but thanks for the info

So in general this is possible - I did it myself a couple weeks ago on a fullsize.

One thing to note is it took me around a dozen hours to trim and wrap it to the point where everything worked as it should.

It might be worth asking this vendor if that vinyl has air-release channels in the adhesive - that will make a huge difference in the surface quality and ease of application since it tends not to trap air bubbles. The adhesive side looks like this:

That little grid pattern is tantamount to magic in terms of how effective it is.


I’ll ask them about this hopefully it won’t be too hard just to poke out the screw holes.