Wrist Pain

Does anyone have any suggestions for wrist braces or something to help reduce wrist pain? I’m looking for something that will be low profile enough for my left hand and not interfere with my typing or gameplay.

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I use this one from time to time and has been far more convenient than most. I have no idea why Amazon’s URLs always look like a phish.

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Are you able to possibly adjust your chair or your desk? Usually your best bet for ergonomics and wrist strain is trying to address your sitting/typing position


Not sure if you’re injured or if the pain is from typing but here are some rules I follow to lessen pain from a strain injury in my hand:

  • wrists straight, neither bent forward nor back
  • keyboard as close to lap height as possible
  • flat is often better than angled, a negative angle is best if your board is low enough
  • split, ortho, etc isn’t backed by any research, but I’ve found ‘ergo’ boards to help immensely
  • take breaks!

I can not adjust my desk but I can adjust my chair I try to make sure that I sit straight with good support and I have been very consistently using a wrist rest to make sure that I don’t have my wrists at an awkward angle. I have even gone as far as to align my screens so that I do not have to look down and keep a good neck positioning. This is all very strange to me considering I try very hard to make sure that I do what I can to keep myself from getting rsi or carpal tunnel. What puzzles me even further is that it is only my left hand (or my wasd hand if you would :joy:) my mouse hand which I use arguably more than my left hand for games is perfectly fine.

Thank you very much I for sure can try to put some of those rules into practice. I have never been injured the only thing I could think would have been a massive effect was that I did boxing and muay thai for many years and that beats the crap out of your hands. Would you think a wrist brace would be helpful or just a waste of money?

Thank you very much for the recommendation Ill take a look <3

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