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You might already know about these, but Wilba has a VIA compatible 60% PCB that seems to be popping up all over the place.
I grabbed one at the Melbourne Mechanical Keyboard meetup and it’s really great. I used a plate, as that’s my preference, but it’s designed to have a fair bit of flex if that’s your thing.
There’s a few vendors listing it in different colours:

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I picked up a few with my fjell, I’m using the fjell with it now and it seems great.

And if anyone is looking for VIA compatible 60% PCB with hotswap sockets, I can recommend Instant60.


Oh wow, VIA + Hotswap is such a beginner friendly combo! Thanks Don!


Does anyone have a build with the weirdflex pcb?
Is it worth it? What plate are you using?

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I am running a weird flex in my Sirius with a POM half plate & absolutely love all the flex the PCB allows for! I’d definitely recommend them for any half-plate or plateless build. If you’re planning on a full plate build I’d still recommend the WT60-D PCBs cause they are top notch, but don’t expect the flex cuts to do much unless you’re using a flexible plate material.


I was thinking about a combo with PC full plate or even POM, both 1.4mm.
PC should be flexy enough to not negate the pcb flex.
I don’t know about POM.

I’m reluctant with half plates because of the switch alignment.

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I think if you use a full PC or POM plate you’ll get a decent bit of flex from the PCB (these things flex hugely if there is room in the case), although I do agree the PC will be a bit more flexy than POM.

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Do you have any foam underneath the pcb?
I read somewhere that the pcb was hitting the case on some keyboards.

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No foam, I did use a piece of paper to isolate the weight from the back of the PCB since the PCB definitely flexs enough to hit the case, but only when handling it TBH. In regular typing I haven’t had it hit off the case & I’m not exactly a light typer either LOL!

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