[WTB] 30 of random linears

Pretty weird listing, but counted how many switches the alphas, bare minimum 2u keys, and spacebar are needed, and is exactly 30. Just wanted to try some switches that if I don’t like, Oh well it’s not that big of a deal.

Wanting to try some linears (mid-high range) that you might have extra of or don’t need. Preferably prices below retail, and I can take a whole pack of switches (in this case, 70 switches for the entire board) if you have a good deal :upside_down_face:

Thank you!

EDIT: Wanted to note that 30 of EACH. Not 30 random switches. Sorry for Sus writing.

I think I’ve got that many spares of quite a few linears…

Here’s a look at today’s menu:

  • Queens (super tall-boi spring, dry from factory, extremely red)
  • Silk Yellows (factory-lubed with 205g0, looks like an egg)
  • Tangerines (the heavier one)
  • Wildses (both weights)
  • ACEs (best stock switch award)
  • Trash Pandas (complete linears, but pretty much intended for tactile franken-business)
  • *nixdork LTs (long-pole, clacky, smooth, hipster)
  • Bobagums w/ 52g springs (no switch is truly silent, but this one is close)
  • Prototype LT stems (long-pole-ized Outemu linear); good for clack-ify-ing the silent Bobagums
  • Parts for a fast-curve linear frankenswitch I call “Unholy True