WTB: Anybody know where to buy a regular 60% layout ALPS compatible plate or have one they'd be willing to sell?

So I’m in search of a standard or universal layout 60% ALPS compatible plate to pair with an XD60 ver. 3.0 PCB. The PCB unfortunately does not support the AEK layout or I’d be all over Desk Candy’s brass AEK layout plate GB.

I’ve done some searching on the sites I know of that sell ALPS compatible parts but no luck I do not think. TX has some plates that look like they support ALPS, but there is no info on their site saying whether they do or don’t support ALPS switches.

So if anyone can point me in the right direction of a site that sells ALPS compatible plates in the regular or universal 60% form factor, I’d be forever grateful. Alternatively if someone has a plate of the type I’m looking for they’d be willing to sell, or (this is a long shot here) has a spare Hasu ALPS64 PCB they’d be willing to sell please PM me with details. I’d be more than happy to take either off your hands. Thanks for looking & thanks in advance for any replies & advice! :slightly_smiling_face:

My friend /u/thebeephaha can hook you up with an acrylic plate! https://www.reddit.com/user/thebeephaha

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Yeah I’m thinking getting one cut is gonna be my best optioin. I’ve heard good things about his work, definitely gonna have to hit him up & see what it would cost going that route.

So I’m still waiting for 100% confirmation but I ordered a 60% universal plate from the Panc store last night & it said on the page the plates are compatible with ALPS switches. I’m hoping they still have the ALPS compatibility cause he does makes some really sharp looking plates! Also I have the ideal of making a 60% with arrow cluster layout build using ALPS stuck in my head. Which as long as this plate fits ALPS will be totally possible, although finding the proper key caps is gonna be tough. I might just go all 1u keys on the right side of R4.

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