[WTB] DCS Miami Twice, DCS Delftware, DCS Nostalgia, TKL's, 60s, Brobots, Fropers, Aerophants

Hello all,

I am looking to buy several keycap sets, boards etc. If you have any of the below items kindly send me a message. I have been looking for some of these items for quite some time, so leads on items would also be much appreciated.

Looking to buy the following, ESPECIALLY bold:


  • DCS Miami
  • DCS Delftware (Not sure if they have all been delivered yet)
  • DCS Nostalgia
  • JTK Sophomore


  • Black TKL’s (Nothing specific, no super premium stuff, let me know if you have something interesting)
  • Revo Kmini
  • Weaven R1/R2 (Any Colors)
  • Duck Poker
  • FMJ Poker
  • Hammercase 60% (no replicas)


Bro Brobots: Ozone, Powder Puff Set, Nebulus, Blackout, Andromeda, Spirit of Freedom, Celestial Pink, Cotton Candy, Eva 01, Miami, Metallic Blue, Soundwaves, Vepr

Aero Aerophants: Pretty Much All

Bro Froper: Blazed Satan, Bloodguard, Cosmic, Candied Purple, Frigid, Pluson, OG, Poison Nebula

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I’ve got a JTK Yolch set I could part with. Give me a day to find it and take pics. Hardly used (as are most of my caps :slight_smile: )

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This Hammer has been on MM for awhile? Price too high?

Their rarity seems to have really driven up the price.

Yeah, I am in contact with someone for one that is around half the price. And even at that price, it has not sold in over 4 months. $600 is far too much for a hammer. Thanks for the insight though.

That would be awesome, thanks!

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PM me if interested and we can work out the details.

Added a few items to the list, removed things I got.

What is DCS Nostalgia?

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I have never heard of it either - maybe referring to any of the really old sets from the early 2010s.

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Here is the Nostalgia Set. I know the JTK Orange on Black is called Sophomore Burnt Orange, however this set is called 60% Nostalgia AFAIK.

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Interesting. I know it now that I see it, but it sure has disappeared from the world. I was on GH at that point but only lurking. Hope you are able to track down a set… or get someone to re-run it!

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Yeah I’m sure it will take a while to find. It seems like everything pops up eventually so I’ll keep my eyes peeled.