WTB DSA LightCycle (R2 “Control the System”)

Long shot probably, but I’m looking for the red on black “control the system” version of DSA LightCycle.

Will pay handsomely


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Many moons ago I owned it and I regret selling it very much. At that time they were in stock on the Van store and I figured if I wanted I would snag another set :frowning:

I had it mounted on a boardwalk with some blanks.

Potato quality picture from an old phone…



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generic advice - set an alarm for eBay for “DSA keycaps” and similar one for Facebook marketplace. I’ve found a BSP Classic Beige one time, and a few odd keysets here and there. I recon a lot of people who aren’t active online may be selling their old stock like that. If not, maybe check Goodwill online?


I would wonder how much workaday commodity and clone sets that particular alarm would bring in, but in general it’s a good idea. Also, while I can’t vouch for them personally, https://keyo.sk/ does the same thing for /r/mechmarket.