WTB MX lock switch

Who was it that said they might have an Mx lock switch for sale?

I have a couple somewhere. Do you just need 1?

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Yes sir! Thanks! You’re in nashville right? I could just meet you

No, I’m actually in Memphis. DM me your address and I’ll sent it your way


Ah, thanks!

I also have a few if anyone else needs one.


what are mx lock switches

Check this out: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Cherry_MX_Lock


Hey, do you happen to have any of these switches available still?
I’d be looking for 3-5 or so.

How/where are people acquiring lock switches? Been looking for ages.

Everyone took them - I only have 2 left that I need for builds. Sorry.

They pop-up on eBay and Etsy from time to time.

Pretty sure mouser has them.

Really? I only see the the 21 series switches on Mouser and those are just linear. I thought only the 31Xxx series is locking, such as:


Octopart lists them as unicorns (no verified vendors).

If you successfully order from Mouser please share the part number! 90 cents is a lot better than $5-15 dollars a pop.

Huh, I guess it’s out of stock. Was in stock a few months ago.

Yeah all the remaining retail stock of MX locks got bought up by now. I think it was in 2015 they discontinued them. Then to top it off in 2016 or 2017 someone ran a GB for them & pretty much bought Cherry out of their remaining MX lock stock. Nowadays either paying up for a few or finding a board to harvest them from is about the only ways to get your hands on them unfortunately. @menelkiner I know you are looking for like 3 to 5 of them, but if you can’t find them I do have an extra one I’d be willing to sell. The others I got are either earmarked for future builds or filling their spot in my switch collection.

Anyone still got this for sale? Looking to buy for 1-2 only…

Hey Guys,

I am also looking to buy one or two MX Lock switches…

Hopefully someone has some spare laying around.

Still have any? I would love to buy one of of you.

Been searching all over for these. Trying to build an endgame!

Oops - just saw you posted that you are out:(

Would love to find an MX Lock switch if they still exist anywere.