[WTB] Numpad Keycaps (GMK, DSA)

Hi all, I am searching for numpad keycaps for my new Tentaku calculator (standard numpad layout). Maybe TKL users don’t need the numbers caps and can spare the caps.

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I have Nines, I believe Red Samurai, and Mecha-01 as far as GMK goes. I could let any of those go for $50 plus shipping.

I also have a spare MT3 WoB numpad kit I could let go for $35 plus shipping.

I’ve also got a Mistel double shot PBT WoB set in Cherry profile I could do for $20, same for a couple of Ducky PBT (with POM legends I think) OEM profile sets; I have the “Horizon” and “Skyline” color ways; one is grey and the other is blue and yellow-orange.

I know I’ve got some other rando stuff but I think that’s all my higher quality available numpad goodies.


Just buy some DMK cherry keycaps, will cost your like 20 bucks and they have heaps of colours now.

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Thanks for your offer, nice sets, especially GMK Nines :heart_eyes: Coming back, just looking and searching for all possible options. In EU I found a GMK Modern Dolch 2 numpad, which is a little bit similar, maybe I’ll take that for now. Something Beige like a 9009 would be great, I saw that there is a chinese PBT version available.

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