[WTB] SKCL Greens and SKCM Orange

Looking for items in title. Looking for NoS or 9/10 quality only.

9/10 to me means that the factory lube is still intact on the sliders and the sliders do not need to be cleaned at all. If the lube is chipping off the sliders or any cleaning/relubing is required then it is not a 9/10.

I only need 60-65x switches but am willing to buy more if you will only sell in larger quantities. I will be asking for pictures for proof.

PS: I know Nathan has a similar post but you should sell to me instead. He probably would just flip them to buy more sweaters.

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I’ve used 9/10 condition greens and i’ve used dirty ones that i’ve cleaned and I absolutely could not tell the difference. The only thing that could wear out in the linears enough to notice would be the spring really, and you can get replacements. Why do they need to be in such good condition for you?

In a hobby nobody really needs anything. I want it simply because I want it.

Also, I notice a difference between factory lube and every aftermarket lube I’ve tried. That is reason enough for me to look for something clean.

Does the lube really improve the feeling of Alps enough to matter? I only ever ultrasonic clean and i’ve never found any Alps that I thought were bad feeling or not smooth enough to warrant lube use. Not trying to sound shitty or anything, just curious cause i’ve never tried lubing Alps.

I didn’t sense any sort of hostility from your questions.

And yes, aftermarket lube makes Alps smoother (and last longer) and the factory lube is even smoother than that. Unlubed Alps doesn’t feel bad but lubed feels significantly better to me.

Whether or not the difference is worth it or not is up to you to decide. Personally, after having tried hundreds of Alps, I don’t want anything less than the original factory lube.

Very interesting. Pm me on discord, I may have what you’re looking for, or at least can check.