WTB Trash Switches

Looking for Trash Switches from HaiMu, the ones that were sold by CBKBD. Let me know if you have any for sale. Thanks.

Not selling mine, but keeb.supply (DE vendor) already said that they get stock again. Maybe an alternative :slight_smile:

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I checked there and they were sold out except for individual switches… like 1 switch. Are you saying they expect to restock?

They do, I recently asked myself because I also need definitely more.

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Are you looking to keep the particular colorway, or looking to for the feel/sound?

WS Yellows (which are made by Haimu) have very similar specs, aside from the spring (Trash: 18mm, single, 53g / WS Yellow: 22mm, 2-stage, 53g).

I mean as opposed to a 60 gallon Hefty trash bag, these are a little more reminiscent of like a 13 gallon Glad kitchen trash bag :wink:

At $0.35/switch, it couldn’t hurt to order a batch and see if they are up to the task… :person_shrugging:

I prefer the black housing. I have some of the Geon x HaiMu black switches. I was really impressed with the trash switch sample I got, but I didn’t think to try it out next to the Geon switch.

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That was going to be another suggestion, if you wanted to do a spring swap.

I am a big fan of the WS TL530 springs, which would put you at the spring weight of the Trash switches, but will likely feel snappier.

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