WTB US-CA Realforce 23ub stock case, Topre 7u black spacebar, Leopold FC980M/C, TTC Bluish Whites (30x)


looking for

  • realforce 23ub stock case (black preferred but if you got beige lmk~), 23u stock caps beige or black
  • Topre/EC 7u black spacebar
  • Leopold FC980m/c cases or whole boards or a whole 980c 30g. all y’all Data Pad/Heavy-9 folks with spare stock housings, i’ll help you clear your storage a bit :smiley:

ty ty keep it thoccin


have both stock cases for 23UB and 980C - too bad I’m not CONUS

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thought is appreciated!

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Would you want to buy the whole 23UW?

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bump, looking for 23u caps and housing either color.

bump for 23ub parts/case, 7u EC bar.

bump WTB 30x TTC Bluish Whites to finish a build. or whatever amount you have for up to $20USD fnf. thank you!

Oh man, I had a bunch of them but I just went to look and I can’t find them so I must’ve given them away.

I have 3 in my tester though, let me know if you end up needing them and I’ll put 'em in an envelope.

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