[WTB] [US-NC] GMK CR (Black) 6.25u Spacebar

Had a bad realization yesterday: the Tokyo Nights set that I bought a year ago and put in the closet has two 6u OC spacebars and no 6.25u bar. I don’t have any other sets to pilfer one from and I can’t find any on their own. If you have one that you don’t use, I’d be grateful!

You know what, I do have one that I’m not using from GMK Spirit, which apparently used CR black.

I just want to check, do you need the 6.25 for a build you’re planning or do you just want to complete the set? Realistically I know I’m never going to use this (Spirit has a permanent home on my Keycult and I use the 7u) but I don’t want to sell it if it’s just going to continue sitting in a drawer :sweat_smile: