[WTS] Campsite, CRP, MT3 Susu base, MT3 Elvish Bars, TKC1800

Hey folks, feeling the need to liquidate some of my collection. Open to offers, most of this is at or below my cost. Happy to provide photos as needed. Prefer f&f but will accommodate g&s upon request, prices do not include shipping.

Campsite - $325

Blue steel, build with model-v pcb, jetvan poly half plate, a single c3 stab, and oil kings.
Comes with 2 extra ketch pcbs, 1 split-space poly half plate, and 2 FR4 half plates

This board is super flexy, feels great to type on, and the caps sit super low. A fun one to use, but I just don’t have room. MSRP on the bundled components was $450, just looking to move it.

CRP R4 - $260

Purchased with the intent to cover most all boards. Is nice beige PBT.
Includes the following kits:

  • Greek Tulip alphas
  • ANSI Alphas (mix and match with greek tulip for just greek or just tulip)
  • All Mod Kit (beige)
  • Numpad Kit (beige)
  • R5 Kit (beige)
  • Spacebar kit (beige)
  • Windows kit (windows)
  • Windows kit (tulip)
  • Icon Mod kit (beige)
  • Modern Icon Kit (beige)
  • Icon Kid (WHITE) - Purchased to dye mods

MT3 Susu - $65

Purchased used, mounted once. In great condition.

MT3 Elvish Spacebars - 12$

Purchased to use with SA Camping, but never did

TKC1800 - $145

Unpainted (black) + carbon fiber plate

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