WTS Modded FC660C, 2 Sets of Topre Keycaps, Topre Misc

Hey everyone, need to move some stuff for upcoming purchases. I prefer someone takes the whole bundle, so top priority goes to whoever takes it all, however I’m open to parting out what’s shown here.

Looking for $430 shipped for it all, CONUS

Included in the bundle is:

  • Heavily modded FC660C
    • Deskeys #3 rings, #5 ring on spacebar & purple domes, RO59 + 3203 on the sliders, UnrealKeyboards gasket, stab landing pads, heatshrink on stabs - basically followed BuddyOG’s guide
  • Tire weights and neoprene foam also installed in the board
  • Hasu mini b controller flashed with VIA (will include a mini b cable)
  • Biip 2048 Torri kit and Icono kit (for EC ONLY)
  • Black and Red FC660C keycaps (came with the board, light use)
  • Extra (14) Deskeys purple domes
  • Deskeys silencing rings #3 (about 50) & #5 (about 65)
  • FC660C Stock Controller
  • UnrealKeyboards Stab Landing Pads (6)

I put a lot of effort into this board, and I’m hoping it can all go to someone who’s curious about topre, so I tried to price it all out well below MSRP. Let me know if you have any questions!