[WTS-NJ] Alf Scott G60 Scuffed - $150 - SOLD

I bought this board second hand and the seller packed it exceptionally poorly. It is scuffed on all four corners. As such, I am selling it a deep discount.

Anyone want it? This is a good cerakote candidate.

I tested the PCB, but not the bluetooth - I think the seller did not connect it up because the battery ribbon and such is still loose in the box. I am not going to open it and fiddle with it. However, typing on it works perfectly.

Built with Cherry blacks on a carbon fiber plate. Aluminum plate included.

Open to any offers. Feel free to low ball. US Shipping only.


You gotta market this like the fashion industry;

β€œPre-distressed ALF Scott G60” :joy:

shame to hear about the poor packaging -_- It’s always what I fear most myself when I pack and send out boards



I’m just here to say I love the BIOI-G60 pcb. One of the few QMK boards with decent BLE support.

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I have another BIOI keyboard coming from Play Keyboards, looking forward too it.

Sold to a lucky buyer for about the same as a Portico :slight_smile: