[WTS-US-CA] Modded Realforce 23U w/ Extras!

Realforce 23U “21U” with gray HiPro keycaps, 30g domes, and a techbeezin USB-C dongle. I believe it’s silenced with some DES#2, but I’m not 100% sure; could be #3, could be unsilenced. I honestly don’t remember. Plate was modded for 2U compatibility using a Dremel.

Comes with an extra red coiled USB-A cable, a set of 23 55g domes, a set of 23 45g domes, an extra cipulot PCB that was flashed by neko like a year ago that I forgot I had, and 3 poorly drilled 2U stabs from a previous MX build (Topre stems installed; also I don’t have any other 2U stabs anyway) because I currently have 3 1U housings being used for the 3 2U keycaps to accommodate the 30g dome sheet. Including some poron gaskets cause why not? You’re basically a plate, a couple of housings, and a case away from building a 2nd numpad!

Numpad was used as a glorified OS GRUB selector back when I used a hybrid and needed something hardwired to switch between OS’s and to look pretty doing so.

Looking for $210 + shipping FNF


Chono is good people. Topreme!


a few months ago I would insta-buy this but too poor now. no money until christmas haha

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