[WTS-US-CT] FC660c USB-C Hasu firmware compatible controller

Price: $30 US & Shipping SOLD

Transaction through PayPal invoice

Design: GitHub - evyd13/fc660c-controller: Custom FC660C controller with USB-C based on hasu's design

Wanted a white one for myself selling the remaining 4. Each PCB is flashed to VIAL and tested with my FC660C. The firmware is also VIA compatible or you can re-flash with any Hasu FC660C firmware.

Note: Requires stock case USB hole to be modded to fit. I used a hobby file. I do not know if it fits in the heavy-6. I hope it does but I am not sure.


Are there any still available? I would love to snag one if any are left.

There is one left I sent you a DM.

Bump one still left

Hi! New to topre, new to forums, but i am honorable. Im interested in getting this last one!


I’m willing to vouch for Fortaye, he’s a regular on the local Keyboard discord.

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Sent dm

Can this be used with a 980c?


Fc980c can use the hasu fc980c controller for programmability QMK, VIA, VIAL, TMK. Not sure if there is a model that works from yang for the topre version.

If its usb C you are looking for I made the guide below for some different options (a have a bunch of the ones that work only with USB A to C cables)

Hasu 980 controller

980 usb c guide

I’m interested in one of these - any left? Thanks!

Nope all gone