[WTS] Workman layout, custom high-efficiency color scheme, 104-key ANSI Cherry keycaps

ANSI 104-key set printed in the ergonomic Workman layout.

Custom set from [WASD Keyboards(https://www.wasdkeyboards.com).
Color scheme designed for rapid, intuitive differentiation between keys frequently used while typing text.

Used, but very clean (see photo).
$10 OBO + shipping from Korea (probably 10-15 USD depending on location).
Payment: Paypal

I switched to the Workman layout 2 years ago while using this set. Now that I touch type in Workman, I prefer heavier keycaps and so want to pass this set on to help other people make the switch.

Its really cool, I’d buy but I never look at my keys even when I’m fumbling. I guess I’d rather be stubborn and press random keys until I find my place.

You may have an easier time selling if you provided some more details like your location, price, and payment methods accepted. We are working on a standardized way of posting in classifieds but for now I suggest following the same rules found on r/mechmarket.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks, have added price and payment info.