WTT Preonic w/ pom plate, jnao pcb, diy bells, whistles WTTF a staggered 40s board

Just crossposting from mechmarket. Located in Denmark


Hey all, hmu with trade offers for staggered 40 boards (can throw in extra cash, you may as well).

I got a Drop Preonic case with a custom POM plate cut by snijlab, JNAO pcb (soldered, flashed with VIA compatible fw). At the moment it’s built with 68g Gazzew Bobas (lightly lubed with 204 on rails, springs donut-dipped) but of course I’ll desolder those if need be. Also have a GMK N9 Ortho mod kit that I might be willing to include for the right swap. Case might have a nick or two but nothing egregious.

Also it’s got feet (snatched from a Race 3) for a sweet 6˚ typing angle! How does the pcb mount into the case then if two screw holes are occupied with feet, you ask? PCB is held in by friction of a length of gasket, like so (old pic, excuse the dust).

Of course I still have all the original hardware, so no need to follow my lead.