[WTT/WTB] One keycap: MT3 Dasher 1U CMD (from Ortho kit?)

I posted over on the Drop forums but realized there doesn’t seem to be much conversation going on over there…
By any chance, is there someone out there with the Ortho kit who doesn’t need their 1U CMD key? I’ve just assembled my first board – Dasher caps and Kailh speed coppers on a GMMK Pro – and I love it but am sad that my right Command key can’t have the right legend (why doesn’t the standard set come with this?). Help a sad Mac user out? I’d happily pay or possibly trade another cap I’m not using!

The 1u Cmd key is part of some MT3 sets like Susuwatari, but was never made or included for Dasher. This key doesn’t exist, unfortunately.

EDIT: Oops, it does in Ortho! Sorry! Good luck with your search!

Thanks! yeah, I was surprised at how different the included caps are in the different sets… not sure why they made that decision, perhaps change over time based on requests :slightly_smiling_face:

Since I haven’t gotten any bites so far - any friendly readers have suggestions on where else might be a good place to post in my search for this cap? Thanks!

Have you given MechMarket a go?

Haven’t yet, but I’ll try it- thanks!
(will have to finally create a reddit account… :grimacing: )

You’ll have to wait 30 days tho - you need an account that is 30 days old and has 10 comment karma to comment/post on mechmarket.