Wuut! SA Laser

Soo, out of the blue SA Laser is on sale out on drop.
Now I have practically lived on the keeb-forums last two month and I have not seen a word about this!
What did I miss??

Leftover stock from previous drop

So they make more sets than was ordered?
Just feels odd when u can buy a Nordic-set like this when they usually are so resilient to make’em…

Was the GB in late summer last year?

Hey, thanks for the heads up!
7u spacebars were already sold out but Cyberdeck has one included and there were still some up!

Yeah, Drop normally purchases up to the next MOQ so they have extras to sell, and they get set cheaper by the unit. It will be like this for most sets run on Drop. Right now they have extras of MT3 Serika!

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You definitely want them to make more than people order, because there are always going to be some minor issues where people need replacements, etc. Also be aware that you’re paying a premium to buy these extras versus having participated in the group buy from the beginning.

Yes ofc, but still. It feels kinda odd, but I probably would have different feelings if I had the money for something like this right now. :roll_eyes:
One thing that keeps me calm is that the MitoSpeed were all R3 so I couldn’t have used these Nordics anyway…