XD75RE Issue: Help Needed


Hi Keyboard Buddies -

I purchased an XD75RE about a month ago. I like the keyboard a lot, but it recently started acting up.

Specifically, when I plug it in, my OS (Windows 10) recognizes it and lists it by name in my device list. The problem, though, is that when I type, no key presses are registered.

This wasn’t a problem until I swapped out the box navies I had in the keyboard for some zeals. What’s weird, though, is that I didn’t swap out all the navies, and now those keys (which were previously working) are now also non-functional.

Solutions I’ve tried include: using the keyboard on a different computer, restarting the computers I was using the keyboard with, forcing my computer to “forget” / disconnect from the device, and using a different cable. Nothing has helped.

With all of that being said, any suggestions on how to get the keeb up and running would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, folks.


when you replaced some of the switches, it is possible that the PCB was damaged in some way, maybe a short, maybe lifted pads. Can you get clear detail pictures of the bottom of the PCB?


Will this work?


Is it possible the Zeals just pushed the PCB back so that the pins are no longer getting through the sockets?

If it was me I would take all the switches back out and start with just 1 to see what happens. Hold the back of the PCB on the socket as you press the switch through the front.