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From what I understand this is a relatively new profile. Not many keycap sets are available in this profile. What has your been your experience with XDA profiled caps? They seem pretty polarizing. I personally love them and Im very sad about the lack of key sets in XDA.
ThereS only about what? 6 sets of gb ran sets in XDA? Plus the blanks on aliexpress etc. I really want to see more sets in this profile. What exactly makes it so difficult to make XDA sets? I heard something about dye sub printing makes it harder to create quality legends…Or is It more so because it such a polarizing profile some people dislike it a lot so people would rather play it safe and use a more popular profile like cherry? I just want to talk about XDA bc I just got a MiTO canvas set off mm and don’t think I want to type on anything else now…

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XDA is very a nice uniform profile IMO too, but I think one of the biggest issues with it has been the thickness consistency between sets. AFAIK, a good bit of the custom design XDA sets got ran in the thinner variant of the caps causing a decent bit of backlash. I know the Blue/Grey set I got from Novelkeys is of the thinner variant & while I love the feel they have over any other uniform profile, the sound leaves a lot to be desired with the thin ones. Also I have heard that most XDA blanks sets come with the thicker variants. So I think the fact that most of the custom sets were ran with thin XDA & most of the blank sets were ran with thicker XDA ended up giving the community mixed feelings on XDA.


There are quite a few XDA sets you can get on AliExpress:
XDA Sakura
XDA Ice Cream
XDA Western World
XDA Moon Landing/XDA Outer Space
XDA Blue Gray
XDA Lotus
XDA Baby
XDAS Canvas (cheap copy of Canvas)
XDA Root (Japanese, Korean, Russian sub legends )
XDA Pixel Root (Japanese, Korean, Russian sub legends)
XDA Macaron
XDA Oblique

Coming Soon:
XDA Ghost

Also if you like XDA I would recommend trying MDA, which is like XDA but sculpted so the rows have different angles. I prefer MDA over XDA, but there are even fewer MDA sets available (like 2-3).


I tried XDA Canvas, which I think was made on the thinner caps. Hated the sound and sold them shortly afterwards

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You’re missing XDA Valentine, as well.

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Do you like XDA?

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I do not like XDA.

Would you like them here or there?
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Would you like them on your 60 percent?
Would you like them in their full extent?

I do not like on my 60 percent.
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Wow thanks for the comprehensive list. XDA ghost looks really cool. Wish the font was smaller though .

XDA Is an interesting profile. Think DSA with less of the spherical. It is quite flat. I personally am not a massive fan, but that is simply because I like sculpted profiles. I have heard that XDA is amazing for those who want to use special layouts like DVORAK and COLEMAK just due to the fact that there wouldnt be profile issues.

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Uniform profile sets are generally very well liked for this, colevrak kits almost never make MOQ for sculpted sets.

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You know, if one takes the time, trouble, and effort to learn an alternate layout to the point where they’ve developed muscle memory, standard QWERTY layouts shouldn’t be any issue and would be lots of fun for random rube co-workers wanting to take a turn on the board. Legends are for esthetics, not for touch typing.

No need to announce your evil intentions, I’m just saying.

I’ve only tried it on linears so far, and I hated that I was constantly hitting nearby keys on accident. The quality of the caps are very good for the price. I think tactiles will help a little, but I prefer sculpted. For some keyboards you can’t avoid it due to weird layouts, and in those situations XDA is a great compromise.

I have a couple of XDA sets because I’m a colemak user. But after trying sculped profiles (SA, MDA, and soon to be KAT and MT3), I just have no interest in ever buying another uniform profile. My tastes have change to the point where I just don’t like the profile anymore when before it was OK. Right now, I just use my XDA set as a temporary set while waiting for group buys with sculpted keys are being delivered.

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I have XDA Godspeed, and after using them, have decided that I don’t like the XDA profile. There’s just something about the larger surface on the top that throws off my typing accuracy and ability to touch type with them.


XDA definitely sound and feel different and XDA ghost does look cool!.

I’m normally an SA / high profile case guy at home and in the office but I’ve got a coffee shop setup:

  • XDA Canvas (massdrop v1)
  • Pok3r w/ brown
  • Wooden case with a lid

Other than it being 60%, the whole thing is a departure from my normal preferences.

The case straddles my laptop kb well enough while still allowing access to the trackpad so I can go mouse-less and with the low profile, is comfortable to type on without taking up extra space on a table, it even works in my lap watching TV on the couch.

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Wow, thanks! After getting my minivan with Paperwork keycaps I realized I’d rather have something without the angle. So this list is perfect timing!

I think XDA is kinda meh to type on BUT it is one of the best sounding profiles to my ears. Something about the shape of the keycaps gives keyboards a super deep, thocky sound.

XDA canvas sure is beautiful
*edit: add photo

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What kind of switches are you using to get that thonk sound?

Gateron black switches with milky tops

While XDA’s don’t have that same feel as SA’s, I still really like the uniform look of them on my Orthos

I like that the top is wider than DSA’s, and they’re good for gaming

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8Bit was another great XDA set. XDA Scrabble too.