Xeno - Staggered F-row 75% Custom


So, I’m not the only one who’s gonna buy an extra pcb to frame and hang, right, 'cause that is maybe the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. I guess that case is alright, too :wink:

But seriously, I’m so ready for this, glad to hear it’s moving forward again!


Now that E7-V1 is coming, do you have any timing in mind for this GB @Pwner ? The E7 looks awesome but I’m leaning more towards Xeno tbh


My wallet is ready


WOWOW this board is a stunner. <3 75% glad to see a custom


really like the looks of this.


Been pretty quiet here since mid-August, any updates?


Not sure I’ll be able to afford this but a F-row 75% is exactly what I need for an end-game PC gaming keyboard. TKL is a great layout but has keys I truly do not need. 90%/Fullsize even more so.