Xeno - Staggered F-row 75% Custom

Hello, this has been a project in the works for what seems like forever. I somehow got @Wilba on board and he has pressured me to finally get this finished up and ready to roll. Anyways, here are some details:

Renders are not final - Next significant update will be a prototype


7* Angle
PVD Brass, Partial polycarbonate plate options
Colors: Black, Silver, Red, ??
PVD: Brass or Copper
QMK PCB designed by the Legendary @Wilba

Final details and GB announcement to come very soon!

Massive shoutout to all of the people that have stuck with me over the last year and have provided invaluable suggestions, feedback and critique! <3


Hopefully this will be successful unlike the 75SQ with a similar layout that just ended up failing =/.

Holy trace porn Batman.

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Damn right; that looks gorgeous

That’s not even the good side…


This is gonna be tricky for you but anyway you can do some napkin math and tell me how much it will cost? I’m trying to “downsize” on the keyboard budget lol

That is a gorgeous PCB. I didn’t even know staggered F-row was a style until now, nor did I know how much I wanted one. I’m interested in seeing where this project goes, and hopefully it won’t break the bank trying to get!

hopefully it comes under $400, don’t wanna have to use money outside my “hobby” money to buy both this and the heavy6.

Looks great, who will your vendor be if it’s possible to disclose that.

I’m loving it dude , make it happen :ok_hand:

me like staggered F row c;

def interested

Edit: Could there be an option for a winkey blocker on the left?

Edit2; PC would be cool too

Yes, thank you.

Still loving this layout satisfies the TKL itch while remaining unique. Any chance we will get hot swap switches?

Wow, that PCB looks :fire:! Definitely interested in this project, been wanting to do a 75% build for gaming. Was leaning towards a KBD75, but the uniqueness of this design has me ready to put the brakes on that plan. :metal:

If I was gonna get one 75%… it would be this. Wilba pcb and staggered F row? Neat.

PC and I’ll consider it :eyes:

A render of GMK Monochrome on the lovely Xeno:


Yes. Also, yes.

Still the only good looking 75%, imo. Proper F-row, blocked arrows, and a pcb to die for. :ok_hand:

Oh, do you have any images of what copper pvd coating looks like?

super interested in this board.

Can’t wait for this!

If this supported ISO enter and split left shift I’d be on it in an instant!


Thank you for making it obvious my PCB skills are dismally inferior.