XVX low profile keycaps on standard height keeb

Hi all,
was thinking about try a XVX low profile set on my Feker IK75, after I bought a standard XVX one which I quite like.

Do some here have them on a standard height keyboard and could post some photos?

Just to understand how they would look like and if they are good to use on standard switches.

Thank in advance :grin:

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I can do that tomorrow - just give me 24 hours :relaxed:

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Did you post some pictures?

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay, I didn’t get home as quickly as I thought and then all hell broke loose :crazy_face:

Here are som pics of the low profile shine through XVX caps next to normal XVX profile (dark grey with purplish legend) and (oem?) standard Keychron keycaps (light Grey) on Jwick Semi-silent switches in a Keychron Q1

Alt key on a Tecsee medium switch (first time try - very scratchy) got them from Chosfox


No problem! So nice of you doing it actually.

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No worries! I think they pair nicely with the medium switches, but look odd on normal ones. I was planning to use them with those switches on my Dygma, hoping that would work well. But not before lubing those switches :crazy_face:

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I agree totally. They look off on normal switches.
Dygma Defy or Raise?

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Agree, definitely better looking on the medium switches you mentioned than the normal ones, even if maybe that “floating” look could please someone.

Thanks for the comparative photos :wink:

Dygma Raise :nerd_face:

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