Ya Ya bthezebra

Hey keebfam happy to tag along in the movement, started a little over two years ago as a lurker on r/mk. Now I have sunk quite a bit of money into artisans and keebs. I am known for dry humor but a generally positive person that tries to pay forward kindness.

Current Keebs fully built:
Atreus 62

Also have a Rama 88 edition M6

Switch between a kensington slimblade and g900 depending on wrist pain

Use a lubed Realforce 87u 55g at work but waiting on a SAIB to replace it

Waiting on a bunch of keebs to come!


Greetings! Dry humour is always a welcome edition hahaha

Great collection of keyboards, I hope the 88 edition is fitting in :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing your collection grow :hugs:


Thanks for the warm welcome Rama!

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