Y'all put "keeb" in the name



Hi Gajible. <_<

You made an account, so it can’t be that bad. :wink:


most ppl made an account to just reserve their name cause the internet sucks and steals your name… and this place does kinda suck

the name takes the cake though. and by cake I mean turd sandwich


And yet, here you are, browsing threads and posting! :smiley:


no, I just searched the threads most suited to flame on in… my activity is probs gonna die really soon, as are many others I suspect

Welcome to the internet. Thanks for your activity!

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yeah, again, just voicing my disappointment. didn’t expect this kind of thing from the three parties involved in this

Different strokes for different folks, man. Some people wanted an updated forum that isn’t outdated. Some people wanted an alternative for other forums on the market. The website hits and the account stats in the last 12 hours clearly show that. If people want to only use GH or DT or RMK, then more power to them. This place isn’t trying to become the only place for keyboard enthusiasts, it’s trying to become the BEST place for keyboard enthusiasts.

But anyways, I have no issues with trolls or disrespectful people NOT being here, and I know the admins feel the same. If you hate this place, then please do not be here, it doesn’t benefit anyone. Like most people, I’m here for keyboards and cool people, while having a modern and feature-rich interface. I’m getting too old to care about negativity. Life is better without it.


creating this place was a show of negativity though. imho

The name isn’t any dumber than Geekhack. At least this name sounds like it’s about keyboards specifically… Not being a geek and hacking or whatever.

Other names as good as Geekhack:


I can’t speak for the creators, but imho, it was a display that our community can evolve and come together. Also, imo, the soul of the community isn’t based on what forum it’s on, it’s the people that are here (or anywhere else). Whether they’re on rmk, GH, DT, or here, we’re all here because we like keyboards enough to pour time and money into it. Why take that away from anyone? People will do what they want. We want this place to succeed. If it doesn’t, it clearly wasn’t meant to, and that’s just life. No harm done. But if it succeeds, it has the potential to be an amazing place for people to do many things.

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IMO you have absolutely no right to talk about negativity and spitefulness when you made an account for literally no other reason than to be negative and spite this place’s existence.


Keeb rhymes with weeb so it’s gucci


Honestly though, I really do think the name is a problem. @livingspeedbump said it in a post he made: the name is just really, really silly. Yes, geekhack is also silly, but in a different, less offensive way. I don’t have a good way to explain it other than “keebtalk” just offends my sense of verbal aesthetic in a way that will prevent me from ever wanting to put a keebtalk branded anything anywhere.

@norbauer, you’ve been very transparent and thoughtful in your responses to other critique and feedback, but I’ve not seen any response to this. Can you please share what caused y’all to settle on the name keebtalk and whether there’s any room to change it? Because while a name like geekhack has essentiality zero prior association, you’ve chosen a name that puts a bad taste in people’s mouths from the beginning for seemingly no reason.


I don’t understand why there is such a visceral reaction to the word “keeb”. It seems insanely silly to me that it would be a major issue for anyone.

That said, it obviously is triggering people, and that’s not conducive to the goals here, so I’m 100% on board with changing it to kbtalk or something.


I strongly agree with kbtalk

“geekhack” evokes 90’s hacker-type person, while “keebtalk” evokes 2018 Reddit memelord. That’s my best guess as to why I and others hate the word so much.

I also think kbtalk would be much better. If you want, you can even pronounce it like keebtalk in your head. The .org is available, which is what I’d recommend y’all go with if you choose to take feedback on this issue.


stop taking yourselves so seriously. it’s only a keyboard website. don’t you know it isn’t cool to care about anything online?