Yo, I'm Eric

A little background about myself:
I’m an engineering student and I got into keyboards after my online friends (now irl friends) told me about the community. It’s been about 3 years since I bought my first switch tester and started down the rabbit hole.

I’ve been fortunate enough to become a community moderator for Massdrop/Drop. I might have spoken to some of you on there. I’m currently planning an Indiana mech keys meet up, so I’ll post an update after I do some more emailing and logistics.


Howdy Eric!

As a fellow meetup organizer, I wish you the best of luck with planning a meetup in Indiana! hopefully you can lean on Drop for support with that!

What’s your favorite switch and keyboard so far? :slight_smile:

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Favorite switch: I’ve tried a lot of switches, but typing on them a couple times and using them in a switch tester is completely different than daily driving a board with those switches. That being said, I like my Gateron Reds.

Favorite keyboard: I like this one because of the story. I found an old 122 key Model M during a summer internship and I cleaned it up and gave it to a friend.

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Welcome to the community!

What keyboard’s on your desk right now?

Have you tried red inks? I’ve founds them to be very good

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On my desk at my apartment is a Magicforce 49 key with lubed Gateron Reds and Whitefox PBT keycaps.
My office desk has an Acer 6311 that I found at a junkyard/recycling center.

I have not tried any of the ink switches or silent ink switches.
I have a Whitefox waiting for me. Still need to finalize what switches I want on that board. I’m thinking something red or pink to match the keycaps I’m getting

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Welcome to the community! Nice name. What specific type of engineering are you studying?

Just out of curiosity, do you get anything out of that? A lot of the ‘community moderator’ sort of things I’ve seen seem like companies trying to get people to work for them for free.

Welcome! I look forward to seeing photos from your meetup.

If you’re a fan of smooth linears, Inks are pretty hard to beat - silent or otherwise. I was skeptical to fork over ~double the price of regular Gateron silents, but I’m finding them highly worth it so far, and overall I’d say the Inks are my favorite silent switch right now. Maybe not as good as Helios - but almost certainly more smoothness per dollar.

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Master’s student in agricultural engineering

I got a Christmas present this year (uber hyped about that). I got to review a knife (had to send it back).
I was a test subject for a pair of jeans they plan on releasing (got to keep those).
I was interviewed for a marketing thing (compensated for my time). Got chosen for different marketing thing (won a prize).

Essentially I am doing it for free. I don’t have to meet any metrics or anything. I do it because I think it’s fun. And the reason why I was chosen, is because I was helping out under the radar until someone noticed.

Ah okay, that doesn’t sound too bad, sounds like some decent perks, and being a student probably helps too, I remember have tons of time to spend on forums and stuff when I was in school :upside_down_face:

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