YOK Red Pandas


I think mine should hopefully arrive tomorrow! Not sure what I’ll build them in yet; but thinking maybe a TKL :thinking:


Mine have shipped as well! I canceled my other order, so only 10 are coming :frowning:

Going to put some Halo stems in them and lube them!


Got mine in today, did a little messing around with them. They feel pretty good with Halo stems, the springs are trash though. I put one of the springs into a V1 Zealio & it made the worst spring noise I’ve ever heard. Not a crunch, not a ping, a literal chirp is how I would best describe it! :grimacing: Although funnily enough the springs don’t do that in the Red Panda housing & lube might help them, but I would still recommend going with other springs if your making Satanic Pandas with them. :metal:


Confirmed to match the Gsus Switch!


The Helly Pandas are in! They feel great, and the spring, while certainly not stellar, is worlds ahead of the Cherry stock springs. Once I put in the halo stem, they felt smooth without any lube, and the ping is surprisingly low for the spring’s thickness. I’ll probably end up with some good old Sprit offerings, but these springs are not half bad for the time being. Note, though - the housings are big. Like, Outemu big. They have trouble getting in and out of my Nutcracker, and I had a real hard time getting them in my brass 60% plate. Overall, I feel like I got my money’s worth with these switches!


Huh, I wonder if I happened to just pick a particularly bad one for the one spring I threw in a V1 Zealio? It honestly made the worst spring noise I’ve ever heard in it, but they don’t make the noise in the Red Panda housing which is kinda weird. Gonna have to do some more messing around with them when I get my 3203 in & start making my Satanic/Helly Pandas. I found they are very tight fitting switches too, I was gonna put one in a switch keychain I got & it didn’t even come close to fitting.


Actually, sometimes you can affect the spring noise by rotating the spring. sometimes


Outemu silent stem, yok housing Red Sky


Got my Yoks today. I tried Halo stems. Pretty nice, but not quite as tactile as Holy Pandas. But that’s okay for me. I prefer a bit more subtlety to my bumps. Lubed the sliders and they feel/sound great. The only thing is the size. They’re a f*ck@ng pain to get in the plate.


Ahh, still waiting for my Yoks to come in the mail. The only down side in living on the bottom half of the world.:earth_asia:


I’d be interested to see force curves of these switches with Halo stems compared to Holy Pandas and Holy GSUS. @Manofinterests, is that possible?


That’s the first review I have seen comparing with holy gsus/pandas. Similar linear force graph doesn’t mean anything.


I’ll try to get to it this weekend


I just had a chance to try these with the linear stem. Honestly, they weren’t that bad. I’ve seen better, but they’re definitely not the worst.


I tried a Cherry Clear stem and spring in mine on Tuesday, the tactility was almost overwhelming to me. I’ve got Silent Sky Stems coming in this weekend and I’m going to try and make some silents to see how they feel. How does the name Flying Red Pandas sound?


The only issue with the stock stem that I noticed was wobble. The stem seems too small for the housing almost


The stems do have some wobble to them. I don’t mind a little wobble, so I’m OK with it.

I also noticed that the stems are lubed, which is nice.