YOK Red Pandas


Things are getting spicy in the Pandas department.


Man, if these had the tactile stem they would’ve been a buy for me.
I’m glad there’s so much competition in the panda space now!

what the what. Panda space got a lot of action lately

I picked some up. Couldn’t pass up on this colour!

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has anyone reviewed these? How are they as linears?

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mike said he sent out samples in some reddit post

are these like “better buy before they’re gone,” or will they be in stock down the road?

looks like GSUS really triggered something. Kbdfans also shared something about making holy panda clones

mike also said that he will be restocking, but likely wont be in the same red color housing

Those are in stock, right? Can’t wait to try out red holy panda!

Same here, couldn’t pass on the color so I just ordered up a 100 of them! Glad I didn’t go in on the GSUS GB now!

coined names: beet sun pandas by Zambumon
Coined mods: Artco stem, yok housing - beet, bears

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Soft#5706 coined the name i’m gonna use for these things - “Helly Pandas”!


Holy wei bottoms with Yok tops: Buddha by Baseplate on the TC discord.

since this is clones/same of Gsus, might as well community will call them “Satan” in contrast to the “Holy Gsus”.


Just ordered some from mykeeb.eu and will pick up some Halo trues from MD later on this year

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I’m gonna be calling mine Satanic Pandas.



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so I found out that Yok in Yiddish mean non-jew, gentile basically these are heathen switches… which makes sense when compared to gsus.


Mine have shipped! You know I’m holding on to these until Jamon gets here :slight_smile: