Your pick on plate mount stabs

What’s everyone’s favorite on plate mounted stabs? I’ve always gone with cherry / GMK stabs, but I want to try out the Zeal stabs for the first time on my newest build, but I’m skeptical for the price. What’s the community’s reception on C3 stabs? I know it’s not great with ePBT, but I haven’t heard much about ABS. Thoughts?

EDIT: Don’t hesitate to talk about how you lube your stabs, either :wink:

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Zeal & C3 stabilizers are both only available in screw in PCB mount. Not 100% sure about Durock/Everglide stabilizers, but I’ve only seen them in screw in PCB mount also. When it comes to upgrading plate mount stabilizers GMK/Cherry have always been my goto. The C3 stabs are pretty good IME so far, they have worked just fine with all my ABS sets & even worked fine with my old ePBT sets. I think the issue with C3 stabs & ePBT caps is a combo of two things. C3 stabs having slightly tighter tolerances than other stabs on the housing/slider & whoever is making ePBT’s blanks has more warping on the longer keys than the Gateron blanks they used to use.

For lubing stabs my personal goto is GPL205G0 for the housings, sliders, & wire bends. Then either GPL205 or 204G2 for the wire hole in the slider & the wire ends (you can also use a dielectric grease for this with very similar results, I just use the heavier Krytox since I have a bunch of it). For the housings, sliders, & wire bends you want to apply the lube just like you would to a switch, as thin as possible. Although for the wire hole in the slider & wire ends you can cake the lube on, you actually want a good bit on these areas to keep rattle at bay as long as possible IME.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the tape trick. If you find your plate mounted stabs still have some rattle or unwanted noise after lubing, the plate cutouts for them might be a little to big allowing the housings to move around. To fix this you can shim the plate with tape so it’ll hold the stabilizers more securely (just put a small piece or pieces if needed of tape on the edges where the stabilizers clip in).

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