Your thoughts on Logitech MX Mechanical?

I am considering buying first mechanical low profile keyboard to replace my mx keys. The main reason was repairability and longevity. I broke one of keycaps and it almost impossible to get replacement or at least is more trouble than worth.

First option I looked into was MX Mechanical because of few of it benefits:

  • done my well known brand
  • great battery life
  • great bluetooth connection
  • done towards productivity / office work
  • wakes up from sleep almost instantly at least compared to Keychron.

On other hand , once I got into mechanical keyboards I realised few issues:

  • missing hot swappable option, which is odd for this price range
  • at least spacebar keykap is not standard which limits options to replace it(is there any?) which kind of defeats the main reason for me to go to mechanical

Seems like MX keys is great if you really really value battery life, and good connection but other than it look like a bad deal for me.

I think if all you wanted was a “mechanical keyboard” the Logitech is fine. If you’re really looking to experience the ability to swap switches, keycaps, and even stabilizers then you’ll likely want to look towards other brands.

I think Keychron might be a good place for you to start. Their boards seem to strike a good balance between price, features, and quality. Although admittedly, I do not own one myself.

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If you are looking for low profile switches then NuPhy offers several good keyboard options at decent prices. My wife uses the Air75 keyboard from them and it seems well made.

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Yeah nuphy would be one of my options, the second is k3 pro

I never had a problem with my Keychron taking time to wake up. Which model do you have?

I don’t (yet) , but I’ve heard several people talk about this on reddit and also one friend in person( I think he has k2?)

I have a K3 pro from kickstarter

and a K7 from Amazon

And haven’t had a problem with either.