Zeal EZ MX Switch Opener

Does not damage or deform switch top latches like traditional push-down openers

That’s a bold statement for sure. $30 buckaroos and no Kailh support. Weird.

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I mean… the 4 tabs have to be unclipped from the bottom housing to open the switch. I’ve opened a few switches in my day and that amount of bend is a “temporary” deformation; the same deformation other push-down openers utilize.

It may not damage like traditional push-down openers, but it certainly (temporarily) deforms them (bend) to get them to open.

Maybe I’m just thinking pedantically. Overall the claim is that it’s safer for switches overall. I wonder how they accommodate for different tolerances.

I’m sure a lot of you have gone through switches that may have felt stiffer or more difficult to open in a push down opener due to the switches tolerances being maybe a bit on the wide side. Hopefully this tool can handle those easier, but who knows :man_shrugging:


We talked about it a bit here, wrong title tho

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All good points.

Totally. Rigid plastic will bend, but it’s not really designed to. I give myself four mods per switch before I anticipate breaking a few.

Ooo good one. Sorry, KT didn’t warn me (this time) I was reposting a link.

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So what I think isn’t a good idea is the type of plier mechanism they used. I think parallel jaw pliers makes more sense in this application since you want the force to be straight down.

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