Zeal making plate mounted stabilizers

This will be a nice option. This was posted on zeal’s instagram story.


These would probably sell good on drop. :thinking:

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Yay. I’m the rare bird that likes plate mount stabs.


This is really a great decision on Zeal’s part, as I don’t think the market for plate-mount stabs is going to shrink any time soon and it is significantly larger right now than it was when Zeal decided to get into stab design. It’s just a huge mostly-untapped market right now and it’s incredible it was left wide open for as long as it has been.

I mean, there’s like: Cherry which are alright and a bunch of cheapo options varying from bad to alright right now? Or am I missing something?

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I believe there are cheap diy kits with Gateron plate stabilizers, but from what I’ve heard they are pretty bad.

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This is great. I’ve had good luck with some plate mount stabilizers and honestly don’t see what’s so bad about them. This will be a nice upgrade.

Cherry ones have worked fine for me. Just need a lot of dielectric grease where the wires go in as usual. Sometimes the rattle comes from a loose fit of the clip in base to the plate. A layer of tape can shore that up. If anything, this will be a better solution for people who wouldn’t normally lube their stabilizers.

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I guess for those with OEMs/plate mounted builds who really want the best they can get will have a better option available to them.


Pre lubed for the noobs? :wink: