Zilent V2 side rail cutaway



Regarding the bumper apparently detaching from the stem around 00:52, That could have been a fluke, a bad stem. So I repeated the test with 3 more stems, and got the same results every time: Main bumper sliding past the ledge.

Here’s another video I took with a different stem:


now does this affect all or most housings? I can tell even from just looking at the bottom of my zilents that this is indeed happening, but would this still be happening in some cherry housings or even something like outemu or others?


Some housings have the ledge and some don’t, for example basecase01 told me Outemu housings don’t have that ledge. I’ll check a few and get back with you.


Isn’t this a design flaw? Dow does it affect the feel/functionality?


I don’t notice it when I’m typing, I think you’d have to type really hard to feel it


you can feel it when theyre loose and youre looking for it, but it would affect the sound if you bottom out hard, since then the plastic hits on plastic.