2019: What are your keyboard plans?

For me I’m keeping it light:

  • KAM Wraith keyset.
  • Varmilo 68 EC w/ Rose switches.


  • 60% - 68% PCB with Optical switch support.

How about you?


2019 Wants/Buys

GMK Metaverse
GMK Olive
Something in KAT
Xeno 75% Half Plate
One of the 60-65% Gaskets that are in IC (probably volcano660, leaf60, stacatto…etc)

2019 Resolution: I have trouble staying committed to a certain switch in a board, as well as a certain keycap set on that board. My 2019 goal is to commit to switches, as well as commit to a good keyset match to every board, and sell off many of the excess keysets I have lol.


Not including things I already have on order here’s what I am planning to get:

GMK Jamon
GMK Nautilus Nightmares
GMK Bento
GMK WoB Hiragana (hopefully not dead… )
EPBT Kuro/Shiro
KAT Oasis

Really hoping for some good Maxkey sets this year

Leaf60 (if I can get a PC plate)
Nemo (Zambumon pls)

My resolution: sell off a bunch of stuff I don’t use to fund this

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  • RAMA mystery board (really hoping this is a full-size from RAMA, even if it’s a compact full-size it might still be my endgame board)


  • Learn KiCad, maybe design/build my own full-size to suit my tastes
  • Offload my old Ducky One
  • Offload some extra old keycap sets I don’t use any more
  • Offload my extra V1 and V2 Zilents

Now that 2019 is here, it’s a year full of promise!

It’s hard for me to exactly list out what builds I’ll be embarking on since I already know I’ll be doing quite a bit this year.

I think building keyboards will definitely a high priority for me, but I’ll be excited for builds as they come in. It’s hard these days to have my eyes on future builds when I’m swamped on current builds in frotn of me hehe.

I’m still sticking with my goal of 3 videos a week through thick and thin. That’s my main goal while working on improving my keyboard content on my youtube channel (self-shill).

I definitely hope to attend more meetups this year!

Aside from NorCal meetup which I’ll be hosting in the fall (most likely early November), I’m considering heading to either Keycon in June or Seattle Summer meetup in July. I would personally love to do both, but I don’t think I can since I don’t plan on missing AX (I’m a weeb with a keeb).

There are some long term keyboard projects that I will work on in 2019, but I don’t want to give them away juuuust yet :slight_smile:. I just hope I have time to work on them throughout the whole year and they can turn out excellently by 2020.

For KeebTalk, I definitely have a few plans up my sleeves to help grow and foster this wonderful community even more. I think we have an exciting year ahead of us!


Build my way out of a steadily growing pile of parts, and continue to have fun documenting the builds here!


Planning to get:

  • Preonic R3
  • NovelPro keyset(s)
  • SKCM Brown or Orange

Reducing my collection.


Keyset choices will depends on keyboard colorways that get released, but:

Sell most of my “collection.”
Mataram, maybe (or an Alice if I could ever find one)
Zephyr, maybe if I find one on /r/mechmarket
Rama M100-A

KAT Oasis
GMK Bento

Finally, learn how to do my own keyset and keyboard design. Would be a fun project.

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My TKC1800 kit arrives tomorrow, so that’s going to be fun. Going with 67g Zilent V2s, but haven’t decided on keycaps yet.

Still looking for some kind of higher end custom for my currently unused holy pandas. Something 65% would be ideal. Considering the space65 GB for that.

Joined the enjoypbt slate GB, so looking forward to that. No other plans yet, but I’m sure the community will come up with something new to tempt me with!

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  • Building something for the SO to use at her job
  • Building a split keyboard that works with my short pinkies
  • Building something heavy (or just buy an iKBC MF87/108)
  • Building my first handwired keyboard (might be combined with the custom split keyboard)
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Stop, that’s my goal for 2019 !

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I haven’t really thought about my 2019 plans too much yet, but these are projects/ideals/goals I have been thinking about for sometime now.

1 - Build custom 60/65% SKCM Orange board. I have the switches already, but would really like to do either a 65% or 60% with arrow cluster layout so I have to figure out the plate & caps. The plate I will most likely design myself so I can plan it around the caps I get for it. The caps are gonna be a pain though.

2 - Start learning how to use KiCAD & how to design PCBs so I can start bringing some of my crazy ideals to life. Although I think this will probably be a multi year goal here.

3 - Get a really nice custom kit to build as a showpiece, I’d love a TGR 910 of any kind but I gotta get my money right for that come to fruition.

4 - Try my hand at designing a key cap set. I’ve had a few ideals for colorways that I think the community would really like, but I have no ideal about the logistics of bringing a set to life so I got a lot to learn here as well.

I got other ideals also, but I’m not sure how feasible they are so I’ll stop at those four for now. Definitely some good stuff in this thread from everyone, good luck to you all on reaching your 2019 goals!

Really looking forward to put a BT hasu controller on my HHKB;

Wanting something in GMK, KAT and MT3 (hopefully /dev/tty, or something better, who knows.)

Wanting to test the MD Holy pandas (And hope I like as much as people say it is good). Want to compare it to the Zealios V2 that will be coming soon.

And finally want to be surprised by the communities designs and inovation, as was before, but more :smiley:

Can only plan the beginning, for the remaining plans, time will tell.

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Be a bit more selective. though with that said:

RAMA’s instrument 1, and/or full size, or tkl, the mythical u-80.
Hiney’s cp1800 in tungsten
BNB87 in polycarb
Zambumon’s Verne
Quantrix’s cp1800
NovelKeys 65%
Maybe the custom topre that Xondat has been working on.

Attend Summer Seattle, NorCal meetups and Keycon in New York

Try to contribute to QMK / VIA in a meaningful way.

Do something with TYPEBEA.ST that might be keeb related or adjacent.

you could possible build it with AEK Caps. Just grab an Apple Adjustable keyboard, and you’ve got your 1.75u right shift :smiley:

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That’s actually a really good ideal I hadn’t thought of! Gonna have to start checking e-bay for one of those. Thanks for the heads up!

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My plans for the year are:

Clear out my huge collection of boards.

Actually finish/release the 10 or so boards I have designed/started to design.

Release more stuff through my store.

Rely less upon others to fund/run my designs. Gotta find my own factory.

Get better at designing my own PCBs.


All I have laid out this year is to get my 2nd board, a polycarbonate leaf60 and nice keycap set to go with it. (also in on epbt slate which will be going on my dark grey klippe)

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I’ve got GMK Hyperfuse Origins and Epbt Slate coming in 2019 without a board to put them on, so I’ll be getting a couple of extra kits, still not sure which ones though.

I’m waiting at least till next month before pulling the trigger on anything in order to give my bank account a chance to recover a bit from the Holiday season. I’m kind of digging the CP layout right now, so one of the boards will most likely be a KBD19X.

Not sure about the other one. One option is to get two different colored 19X cases and make a clicky and a tactile build, then I could just swap the pcb and/or keycaps on them to try different combinations. The problem with plan this is that I also joined the Holy Panda drop on Massdrop, but I was thinking of building a 75% then, so I only got 90 switches, not enough for a CP board … We’ll see…